Why You Should Attend

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NetworkingJoin 100+ other design and marketing professionals from around the Midwest in a unique environment.

LearningGet engaged with a collection of speakers and your choice of six dynamic workshops. Plus, behind the scenes views of an award winning print facility in action.

SamplingWho doesn’t love a paper fair? Grab a bag and grab some printed goodies. Bring some cash and visit the Ocean & Sea Pop-up Shop.

EatingJoining us again for FREE food on site is award-winning BURGERFIEND. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, halal, and other requests available.

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Think To Ink: FAQs

What you need to know about Think to Ink


What is Think To Ink?

Think to Ink is one of the region’s largest events for marketers and designers. Located each year within Cedar Graphics commercial print facility, this idea packed day includes: workshops, networking, free food, paper-fair, tours, and more. Join more than 150 other professionals at this all day event. Attendees have their choice of two morning workshops, enjoy lunch provided by BurgerFiend, and an early afternoon keynote.


What is the schedule?

Doors open 9:00 with workshops beginning at 9:30 and 10:30. Lunch will begin around 11:30. Keynote speaker at 1:00.


Do I have to attend all day?

Register just for when you’ll be with us. We understand it’s hard to commit for a whole day. We encourage you to join us for what you can.


Where is Cedar Graphics?

311 Parsons Drive, Hiawatha Iowa


Is Think to Ink really FREE?

It sure is. (awesome, right?) This event is provided as a learning and networking opportunity by Cedar Graphics for it’s customers, community, and members of the advertising and design industry. The events is coordinated by Cedar Graphics with sponsorships and assistance from partner organizations.


Do I have to be an Advertising Federation Member to Attend?

Absolutely not. American Advertising Federation members are encouraged to attend, but memberships is not required. We do encourage attendees to learn more about the AAF CR/IC and the support it provides for the local advertising industry as well as national representation. Learn more at AAFCRIC.com


What is appropriate attire?

Think to Ink occurs inside of a live production facility. Please do not wear open toed shoes or long flowing clothing. Please do not wear items around your neck including long necklaces, scarves, lanyards, etc. Long hair must be tied back if approaching equipment. Ear plugs will be available at all entrances to the print production floor.

9:30 & 10:30 WORKSHOPS


Learn from Jo Eichelberger, USPS® Business Alliance Leader, the art and science of customer connections. Learn what you can do to improve open rates, plus proven approaches to transform the value of the mail experience for you and your customers!

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Hand Lettering

Join Ocean & Sea® founder and Captain, Brendan O'Shaughnessy, for a hands-on workshop and real world advice on hand-lettering and design specifically focused on ways to improve your social reach. Learn about the inspirations for his successful clothing brand Ocean & Sea® and catch his passion for dreaming.

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Inks & Coatings

Make your own ink swatch, climb on a press, and more during this in depth workshop. Attendees will get up close and personal with various print and coating effects and learn how to utilize them in their designs. Expect to get dirty, appropriate attire required.

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Identity through photography

This interactive session provides you with insights and examples on how to communicate your brand identity through photography. Throughout the session, we will discuss how you can capture your brand’s identity and reflect its values to your customers.

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Boarding Your Story

Find a way to tell your creative story by taking a creative idea and turning it into something tangible. From script to sketch to storyboard to the final product (maybe), learn about the importance of visually showing your creative idea through storyboarding.

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interiors spaces & colors

Why do some graphics work and others don’t? How can designers tie together color theory and design? What does way-finding add or detract from the user’s subconscious impressions of a space? Design Theorist Kadie Yale will be discussing ways in which graphics and color influence our psychology.

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