Learn from Jo Eichelberger, USPS® Business Alliance Leader, the art and science of customer connections. Learn what you can do to improve open rates, plus proven approaches to transform the value of the mail experience for you and your customers!

Jo Eichelberger, is a senior management consultant with 25 years experience in program management, client services, account management and postal operations. She possesses expertise and experience in the area of omni-channel marketing from strategy development, to implementation, to analysis. Jo is an accomplished and respected subject matter specialist in planning, developing and implementing customer development strategies, business growth strategies, and marketing/fulfillment campaigns from conception through completion utilizing USPS products and services, along with USPS lucrative pricing options. Jo has excellent working knowledge of overall USPS operations, transportation, logistics, equipment and supplies allocations, and delivery standards. She has presented USPS services program education and training since 1999.


Join Ocean & Sea® founder and Captain, Brendan O’Shaughnessy, for a hands-on workshop and real world advice on hand-lettering and design specifically focused on ways to improve your social reach. Learn about the inspirations for his successful clothing brand Ocean & Sea® and catch his passion for dreaming.

Brendan has won numerous awards including 15 Addy’s (locally, regionally and nationally), Henry Bloch’s IEI Venture Creation Challenge through UMKC’s Bloch School of Business and AIGA-KC’s A10 Award.

He is an active voice in education by regularly volunteering at high schools, reviewing student portfolios, giving university lectures and keynote presentations at design conferences.


Make your own ink swatch, climb on a press, and more during this in depth workshop. Attendees will get up close and personal with various print and coating effects and learn how to utilize them in their designs. Expect to get dirty, appropriate attire required.


This interactive session provides you with insights and examples on how to communicate your brand identity through photography. Throughout the session, we will discuss how you can capture your brand’s identity and reflect its values to your customers.

Dr. Sinno

Dr. Sinno is professor of communication and director of the Master of Arts in Communication and the Master in Management-Communication programs at the University of Dubuque in Dubuque, IA. He is also professor emeritus of communication at Clarke University in Dubuque. Dr. Sinno has over 30 years of teaching experience, guiding students in examining the impact of communication as it relates to the mass media, social networking, public relations, advertising, and tourism. His teaching and service is dedicated to understanding and communicating the important social, technological, managerial, and public policy role of communication. He has written several book chapters and articles in international public relations, integrated marketing communication and social media. In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Sinno, along with his son Rafic, have authored four market leading books: Door County: A photographic journey by land, water, and air. Scenic Treasures of the Midwest: Panoramas and Impressions, The Mississippi River, Border to Border: Panoramas and Impressions, Treasures of the Mississippi: Panoramas and Poetic Reflections. Dr. Sinno is the recipient of several education, industry, and community impact awards, including the American Advertising Federation award for outstanding educator and the Meneve Dunham Award for Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Sinno holds an MA in International Communication and a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Rafic Sinno

Rafic Sinno is assistant professor of marketing and assistant department chair of business administration at the University of Dubuque. His teaching emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach in helping students discover and develop their proficiency in the marketing and communication fields. Given his dedication and commitment to teaching, Rafic received the Faculty Member of the Year Award (2017) for outstanding teaching, ability to motivate students, and the earned respect of his peers.
Rafic’s passion and appreciation for photography, lead him to cofound Sinno Communication a provider of inspirational photography prints and training. Through this venture, he co-authored three market leading books with his father, Dr. Abdul K. Sinno: Door County: A photographic journey by land, water, and air, Scenic Treasures of the Midwest: Panoramas and Impressions, and The Mississippi River, Border to Border: Panoramas and Impressions.


Find a way to tell your creative story by taking a creative idea and turning it into something tangible. From script to sketch to storyboard to the final product (maybe), learn about the importance of visually showing your creative idea through storyboarding.


Why do some graphics work and others don’t? How can designers tie together color theory and design? What does way-finding add or detract from the user’s subconscious impressions of a space? Design Theorist Kadie Yale will be discussing ways in which graphics and color influence our psychology.