Understanding and overcoming barriers to change in your creative process.

Process change is possible once you understand why you need to change and what needs to be overcome in order to do so. Habit, culture, people? If you don’t take the time to dig into why you are where you are, you won’t get to where you want to be. Once you know where you are, why, and where you want to go…the process and path becomes much more attainable.

As Director of Consulting Services for MetaCommunications / Workgroups, Will helps creative and marketing teams work better by defining and improving their creative development process. The end results of his work frees up organizations so they can focus on their passions while also creating a higher quality and quantity of work to drive their business forward to greater profitability.



Learn about the mission of ArtForce Iowa and how you can combine art and justice into your work. Take action by investing in the success of your clients and colleagues by collaborating to create a safe space through the lens of trauma-informed care and healing centered engagement.

Christine is the daughter of Hmong refugee parents from Laos. She graduated from East High School and pursued her B.A. at Drake University majoring in Creative Writing, Philosophy and Political Science. As an agent of change, she is highly motivated to interrupt social and systemic injustices with hope and opportunity.


More creative and color-critical decisions are made on an LCD display than on any other device or media. Yet, most of us are not managing our displays properly to ensure that what we’re seeing on our display is as close as possible to what the final printed product will look like. It’s easy—you just need to know a few basic things! This session will give you all the requirements and how-tos for calibrating and profiling displays for color-accurate soft proofing.

Joe Marin started his career in print over 30 years ago after graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Communications from California University of Pennsylvania. Prior to joining Printing Industries of America in 1995, he worked in the industry as a prepress technician for Herrmann Printing and Litho, Inc.

At PIA, Marin held progressively senior positions within the organization and developed expertise as a prepress technologist and production specialist. He managed, created, and delivered custom training programs for major industry manufacturers and suppliers on such diverse topics as best business practices, software technology, digital printing, and print production workflow.


This session, presented by Dr. Sinno and his son, Rafic, will be on how to tell compelling stories using the AIDA model.

Dr. Sinno

Dr. Sinno is professor of communication and director of the Master of Arts in Communication and the Master in Management-Communication programs at the University of Dubuque in Dubuque, IA. He is also professor emeritus of communication at Clarke University in Dubuque. Dr. Sinno has over 30 years of teaching experience, guiding students in examining the impact of communication as it relates to the mass media, social networking, public relations, advertising, and tourism. His teaching and service is dedicated to understanding and communicating the important social, technological, managerial, and public policy role of communication. He has written several book chapters and articles in international public relations, integrated marketing communication and social media. In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Sinno, along with his son Rafic, have authored four market leading books: Door County: A photographic journey by land, water, and air. Scenic Treasures of the Midwest: Panoramas and Impressions, The Mississippi River, Border to Border: Panoramas and Impressions, Treasures of the Mississippi: Panoramas and Poetic Reflections. Dr. Sinno is the recipient of several education, industry, and community impact awards, including the American Advertising Federation award for outstanding educator and the Meneve Dunham Award for Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Sinno holds an MA in International Communication and a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Rafic Sinno


Rafic Sinno is an assistant professor of marketing and assistant department chair of business administration at the University of Dubuque. His teaching emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach in helping students discover and develop their proficiency in the marketing and communication fields. Given his dedication and commitment to teaching, Rafic received the Faculty Member of the Year Award (2017) for outstanding teaching, ability to motivate students, and the earned respect of his peers.

Prior to his teaching and entrepreneurial initiatives, Rafic developed and marketed international business and value-added agricultural conferences to further economic development initiatives in Northwest North Dakota. Rafic received his BA in Communication from Clarke University and MBA from the University of Dubuque.


Lead your organization’s culture to tug-of-war victory. Neal will discuss key issues in establishing a winning culture including tips for identifying core values, hiring talent, gamification, and incentivizing and motivating employees. For organization leaders, this is a must see.

Neal Johnson is a hands-on manufacturing leader with expertise in leading organizations through a continuous improvement methodology by leveraging EOS and Lean concepts in both small and large size organizations. Neal is currently the Director of Manufacturing for GN ReSound ANZ, recognized as 2019 Manufacturer of the Year by Manufacturers Alliance.